Resistencias y Existencias: Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain

During our event “Resistencias y Existencias: Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain”, we will create a space for students on campus to learn about dictatorships in countries such as Argentina and Spain, as well as about American imperialism and its effects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the course of three consecutive days, we will discuss these matters through the lens of the traditions of resistance that have been created in opposition to them and, consequently, we will focus on topics such as gender, social activism and art. In addition to this, there will be an exclusive screening of the documentary “Simulacros de Liberación”, which will include a Q&A with the director, Juan C. Dávila, and the Puerto Rican activist Katia Cruz Quintana, as well as a wonderful closing workshop in which we’ll get crafty while reflecting upon the topics discussed throughout the week. We look forward to having you with us, hearing from you and sharing some Latinx and Caribbean food together while discussing these very important matters!

Wednesday, April 5, 5:00pmGriffin 3: Gender and Resistance
Thursday, April 6, 6:30pm, Images Cinema: Screening of “Simulacros de Liberación”
Friday, April 7, noon, Dodd House Dining Room: Art and Resistance